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Frequently Asked Question

Why are your prices so affordable compare to other agencies

We specialise in working with start-ups and small businesses and we’ve managed to streamline our process so much that we are quicker and more efficient with both the design and the build. This means we can lower our prices to a level that works for a new small business.

Can I change package any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your website package at any time. You can also add other packages e.g. Blog package or E-commerce package to your current package.

If you’d like to upgrade your current package, please contact us.

Will my website work mobile device or tablet computers?

Yes! Your website is built using responsive design, which means it will shrink to fit whatever device it is being viewed on. This website also uses responsive design. Simply make the browser window smaller to see how the content reconfigures itself to the new shape.

How are is diffrent?

We are not a Do-It-Yourself online website builder. We do all the design, build and the techy stuff for you because we’re experts at it.

Everything’s included in one price: hosting, your domain, design, build, launch and support are all included. Typically you’ll have to pay for these elements separately and the cost can build up!

We set up and launch your website for you. We consider a project complete when the website is fully populated with content, it looks great, and it is live. We won’t leave you in the lurch!

We don’t tie you in. If for any reason you want to move your website to another provider you are free to do so, but we’d be sad to see you leave.

I alreday own a Domain name, Can I use it with my new website?

Yes. If you already own a domain name that you would like to use for your new website, you’ll just need to point it to our servers, where the website will be hosted.

How quickly can you build my website?

We aim to get first designs back to you within 7 working days, depending on your package [compare our website packages here]. Our designer will work with you to create all the pages to your content requirements, so the final site could take up to a month to complete and will depend upon how quickly you are able to provide content, images and feedback to us.

What are the cost for hosting and Domain service after the first year?

At the end of the first 12 months, you will be invoiced for year 2 at our standard hosting rates so there is no gap in your hosting/domain service. This includes domain renewal, hosting renewal, and on-going support.

We will send you an email at the end of month 11 reminding you that renewal will happen shortly and if you want us to cancel it you need to let us know by the end of month 12.

Click here to find out more about hosting fees after your first year.

Will my website work across all browsers?

Yes, your website will be cross-browser compatible meaning it will work well in the latest versions of all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

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